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Hello !

Welcome to Mein Kompass!


Our aim is to provide as many people as possible with free access to professional strategies and assistance in coping with the corona crisis.

Therefore we have developed Mein Kompass, a digital companion that provides you in these challenging times with general strategies for coping with everyday life and professional support for fears and insecurities -free of charge. All experts are currently working on a voluntary basis.

We are looking forward to seeing you and will accompany you through this time with a focus on the following areas:


Take good care of yourself      Get moving and stay fit                         Eat yourself healthy

My family and I                         On being successful in Home Office     Release your fears


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There are ongoing costs for the development and operation of the app. If you like the portal, we would be happy about a contribution to our account:
IBAN: AT30 3802 3000 0201 0502



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